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In the winter of 2011, author and poet J. Patrick Lemarr released a book of poetry chronicling his journey through loss, doubt and shame back into the warm refuge of grace. He called it “I Am A Broken House” and it was the very first release from Write Crowd Publishing. Now, after being unavailable for purchase for over a year, we’re happy to announce a limited quantity of this lovely little book have been made-once again-available to the public: this time with FREE shipping and a COMPLIMENTARY copy of the book in the PDF format.

ONLY 50 COPIES are being made available at this time, so order today via our online store and make sure you get a copy of this special work from an author that has people saying:

“This is a collection that is at times both haunting and intimate, but never without hope. Grace runs through the whole book!” – Rob Wren, TX

“As I read each of his works in this collection, I could tell that he has explored the depths and heights of his innermost being and put it on display for all to see.” – Chris Maddox, IN

“Dude, I love your book! Somehow I relate to each poem.” – Brandon Fuller, AL

“If your family is anything like mine, there are several wanna-be poets who think they can pen a mighty fine poem. Mr. Lemarr, without meaning to do so, makes them all look bad. Poetry is one thing at which he excels. And excels mightily.” – Ryan Jennings, OK

“J. Patrick Lemarr has a command of language and a direct line into the human soul that, frankly, makes me envious. His insights are profound, his words are meticulously chosen…” - Robin Parrish – Author of “Relentless”, “Fearless,” and "Merciless" (Books 1-3 of “The Dominion Trilogy,) "Offworld", and "The Nightmare." www.robinparrish.com

“J. Patrick Lemarr is a remarkable writer. His style is unique, but it is the substance of his writing that sets him apart. Lemarr sees things most of us don’t, and then, with skillful pen, shows us exactly what he sees. I find his writing mentally stimulating, emotionally invigorating, and spiritually uplifting… This is a fresh voice and a unique perspective… and long overdue.” - D. Gene Strother– Author of “The Preacher’s Kid,”  www.genestrother.com

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